Sunday, May 26, 2013

Last try to get charity tournaments @pokerstars

I been nagging about charity tournaments for ages now. This will be my last plea to get this somehow done. People think that it needs big money to make chance, but it really doesn´t. For example when I make 100 $ withdrawal from pokerstars I can bake a lot for kids at school here who can´t afford a snack. It is little things like that that make difference in the world. Not just cause few kids get a snack but maybe in long run that kid will remember that someone did this to him/her and when he/she has chance he/she will do the same.

   We could run my original idea from earlier post with daily charity tournaments. I also have another idea so we could try if this would work (I know it would). Lets makes Charity Poker League that would run first maybe for 1 week. With buy in of 1.25$ where 0.15$ for charity. Also give people who play double VPPs to make it more appealing. Make it with leaderboard with tickets as prizes for leaderboard top finishers. To make this even more appeling lets get the Pros involved, Pros playing at microstakes with us common people would get much more people interested. Also we can add bounty for each pro maybe to 5$ and from that 5$ the person who knock out the pro would get 3$ and charity 2$. Make these league tournaments fit people from all regions and get as many Pros involved as possible. I know they can make time for good cause.

   Lets give this one chance and I and many others would be forever grateful. I have gotten so much good feedback from player about playing charity and now I hope that Pokerstars would reply to me about this also.

See you at the tables


Monday, April 29, 2013

What additions to have in PokerStars tournaments?

Haven´t been writing so much for while. Been trying up my game and that way up my bankroll after 200$ withdrawal. been wondering about some fun additions to Pokerstars tournament. Of course first would be my earlier idea about doing charity with poker. (you can read all about it from post earlier).

  Now to new ideas. I would love to have men vs women tournaments. for example STG with 90 men and 90 women. Heads up man vs woman all the way to the end. Many other variations could be made also, league men vs women with different kind of tourneys. I think this would bring some fun and lot of talk in twitter and here. I think many men think they run over us women on those tourneys (I doubt that very much). Get some Pros playing also on both sides maybe few Pros / tourney.

  Also I would like more of these series for the community, like WBCOOP. First of all those create loads of talk, you learn alot and most importantly I have noticed that behaviour on these tournaments is so so much better than in regular tournaments. On WBCOOP I made more poker buddies in day than otherwise in all my time playing. I think everyone agrees we need more these community tournaments. 

  You guys in Pokerstars keep maybe track about who is tweeting about tourneys and about Pokerstars? Maybe star a miniseries for those who are active in Twitter for Pokerstars. Would create fun and exiting event. Lot of great ppl there supporting you guys.

Please leave comments what you would like to add. Maybe they come true!!

Lets create more fun and excitement.
See you at the tables

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

What kind of Poker Legacy to have @pokerstars or @888poker

Lately the world has taken a spin to worse again. Boston bombing earthquakes and everything in between. This has even more made me desire to mark my PokerLegacy. I do not want to be remembered as Great Player, but as a person who cared and wanted to use her time for making a difference.
My last few post were all about this Charity Poker. response was great from people, but sadly NO PoekrSite has wanted to use the idea. I actually can´t understand why, since the idea does not need amazing amount of work or basically any investment. So I ask one more time if anyone would take this idea and run with it. We could help so many people all around the world.
Ask yourself this, if any day you are in need, would you not want there be some charitys who cared about you if you then don´t have money yourself. Come on lets do good and enjoy doing it!!

Thank you


Friday, April 5, 2013

I need someones help to help others.

It has been few days now since posted my blogg about charity poker tournaments. Feedback has been great but still have not drawn interest on pokersites. I wish I was rich and famous so I would be taken more serious easier. But desire to help should not be overlooked even if person wanting to help is not rich. I urge someone to step forward who can make this happen, there is so many in the world who need our help.

Reach out, be part of changing lives of many children around the world.

I just wanna add and make sure everyone understand, I am not doing this to get personal gain. I just want someone to help me to help others. Lets change the world one step at the time.

Thank you


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Follow up with numbers to charity poker @pokerstars

Here is some numbers I came up with. Please share your thoughts.

10 000
1 000$
7 000$
8 000
1 600$
11 200$
6 000
1 800$
12 600$
5 000
2 000$
14 000$
4 000
2 000$
14 000$

With these kind of buy in we would be in grand total of 58 800$ / week. I know it is optimistic to get so many players but even if half amount of players we still would be in almost 30 000$ / week. And with just 10% of players in that calculation we still have over 5 000$ / week. These numer prove that a lot of good could be done through this kind of charity and if Pokerstars would give 2x or 3x FPP from buy in to these, I think lot of players would show up.

I know it takes some effort from any poker room to arrange these kinda things but if they run daily on same spot only one time set up is needed?

Thank you


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Would you play charity tournaments @pokerstars???

I been thinking a lot about charity and helping others. Sadly I have no funds for this. This is reason I send email to Pokerstars if they could help me with this. We all live in this small spot in Universe.
My idea for them was to organize Charity tournaments, for example, normal 1,10$ tournament but buy in would be 1,20$ instead and from that a 0,10$/player would be donated to that weeks charity. Of course bigger buy in tournaments would also use same calculation for donations.  I know this would not create Millions. But it would do some good.
To encourage players to take part in these tournaments Pokerstars could offer for example 3xFPPs from these tournaments. Charitys could be chosen by weekly poll where Pokerstars would provide maybe 5 different charitys and followers on twitter would vote for them. Most votes and that charity would be charity of the week. Also every week Pokerstars can do raffle between all voters and winners get tickets or FPPs. Also could have competition for for charity player of the month, not by how many dollars but how many charity tournaments each player has played.
This way all of us in poker community could be part of something important while playing game we love. Wouldn´t you feel great to know by playing poker you helped some child in Africa to have fresh water? Or maybe some kid in somewhere in world getting that important medicine he/she needs.
So anyone who read this and cares, please share this to everyone who plays poker. lets make this happen!!!

Thank you


Thursday, March 28, 2013

General talk about poker @pokerstars

Lets talk about “rag” aces. I see it so many times when people overplay their rag aces like A 5 off suit and similar. I find this quite interesting, considering that most of time someone in 9 player table has better Ace. So if there is A on table many get so excited about their A 5 that they fail to see fact that they are most certainly beaten.
I find these situations very often profitable and very comforting for me. For example I never play anything off suit under A J, unless I have temporary insanity.

Sometimes for sure you get your AK beaten by rag ace, but on the long run you end up in top. My advice if you use tracking software is to mark these guys who play these aces often and find them every day the play. I have started noticing these patterns of rag ace and high connector players from EP and have taken advantage of them in micro cash games.

Then I wanna talk about STGs. I love 9 player STGs, even though haven´t played for while. I been trying to study that game to become a real “Bubble Ninja”

I set my goal to bubble everytime, cause in that situation even with little smaller stack you will get a lot of chips juts due to fact that most get afraid in bubble. Until then my image has been really tight but when bubble arrives all changes for me, then it is game on and trust me I will break that bubble.

But also be prepared to go out few times in bubble cause you will get donk called sometimes by hyper aggressive players (you should have spotted them by now though and know to avoid them). When time comes for those bad bad beats just repeat the mantra Nice Hand Sir and keep in mind what it really means.

And remember when you read, I do not know anything about poker yet. So please have patience and give me pointers. I will be happy for any help.

See you at the tables